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HANSEL &  GRETEL- 25th-28th JANUARY 2024 

Once upon a time, brother and sister, Hansel & Gretel, go for a walk in the forest. There, they cone across a lovely little cottage - made entirely of  SWEETS!! They think their Christmases have come all at once - until they discover the cottage is owned by a wicked WITCH - with rather strange eating habits - OH NO!!

But don't worry, it isn't as bad you may think. Help is at hand, although the audience may just have to get involved as well in order to save our young heroes from a fate worse than..., well something not very nice!! 

Come along and join us for a fun-filled family show full of laughter, specatcle, music, spooky scares - and  SWEETS!!     

Make a note of our performance  dates and keep checking here and local social media for further news about ticket sales.


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